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Angel Food Cake Hack To Satisfy Your Cravings • Tasty

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42 thoughts on “Angel Food Cake Hack To Satisfy Your Cravings • Tasty

  1. That must be some cheap parchment paper because tape doesn’t stick to good parchment paper

  2. I'm going to make this for my mom for mothers day 😀 Thank you for the recipe <3

  3. My aunt and I are making this, will let you know how it went 👍🏻🥳

  4. What brand of cake Flour do you recomend?

  5. Tap strips cooking also in the over? There should be another way, maybe a metal round cookie cutter or clay cup. 🤔

  6. y called angel food

  7. watching this whilst crying into my pot noodle about the fact that cant cook and have tons of homework to do.

  8. ugliest strawberry short cake!!! haha so bad #theworst

  9. IS this good anyone?

  10. I am making this today with lemon curd for the extra egg yolks. will update if it works
    UPDATE: it worked mostly, except my tape wouldn't stick to the parchment. I just used a rubber band around the top of the can to secure it. Also it was done baking in about 25 minutes, not 45. Other than that, fairly simple recipe and very tasty.

  11. Does anyone know the title of the music that's playing in the background? I find it very relaxing 😁

  12. That soda can hack is brilliant!

  13. Funny thing, I just bought angel cake, strawberries, and whipped cream 2 days ago. 😀

  14. I would like to know how to substitute meringue powder for egg whites in an angel food cake

  15. wait if i'm satanic can i still eat this

  16. I would do anything to have that

  17. Some of y'all need to chill, Angel food cake tins are made of aluminium To Help it rise… Tasty isn't wrong. Don't go and buy a bundt pan for this people

  18. Please do more baking videos- tasty 101 and behind tasty, i love watching behind tasty videos but theres not many of them>_<

  19. Love this channel!! And the music……….

  20. Must be good and healthy that can and tape baked with the food… good job.

  21. What could you substitute cream of tartar with. Here in Germany we don't have that.

  22. Why isn't there any oil or butter in this cake????????

  23. Some would even say they're….heavenly.

  24. Can’t I just use a Bundt cake pan?

  25. Or stop living like a barbarian and buy an actual pan like an adult!

  26. Never seen a cake batter so thick. This was a fail. They tried to cover it up with cream

  27. Wouldn't the tape melt in the oven? Just buy a bundt pan!!

  28. Won't the cake be dry without any butter??

  29. Or use a stoneware/porcelain cup that's safe for oven and chemical free…😂

  30. Just buy a fucking bundt cake pan, they're cheap

  31. I suppose you can't crave anything while you're having a heart attack….


  32. Just watching this already satisfied my cravings even though I never had cravings to begin with

  33. Thumbs down for the unhealthy use of plastic tape in the oven. Could have just used some nonstick baking spray on the outside of the can.

  34. Wow I love Strawbery , Thank you

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