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9 Mind-Blowing Food Party Rings

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41 thoughts on “9 Mind-Blowing Food Party Rings

  1. Wow
    Thank you for shearing

  2. watching this baked….munchie level is at 10

  3. This has inspired me to eat the food lying around my house

  4. This was making me so hungry you did a amazing job

    Can someone please tell me a substitute for crescent rolls?
    SOMEbody, Anybody please i wanna make these

  6. I hope i'm not the only one that noticed a kids hand making that one ring! so cute

  7. I like mojharalla cheze

  8. I just realized that the only ingredient I have is the oven

  9. I am torturing myself by watching this when I'm hungry

  10. I m here to connect with everyone. I will subscribe back anyone who does for me

  11. What’s the hurry?

    Nice ideas but took the fun out by unnecessarily hurrying.

  12. That music is so stressful man, and mind polluting for a cooking session. The recipes would be much better were it not for the music.

  13. Not on topic but the music in the beginning just screams Kesha 😲

  14. Folks, be kind. I never cook, but after watching this and some others from tasty I feel inspired. But, what are crescent rolls? Thanks

  15. I tried the Cheesy Garlic Bread Meatball Ring. It was so delicious 😋

  16. So basically cheese

  17. nobody: me:wondering after i pause the sound goes on for 1 sec

  18. Awesome! need to grow help to get some s u b s c r i b e r s !

  19. Changing the Superbowl food game!

  20. Tasty is one of the best channels to watch while fasting

  21. The moment i saw the lasagna ring party I immediately questioned why not just make regular lasagna.

  22. These aren't mind blowing

    They're stomach exploding

  23. WTF Is Alfredo sauce? I know Is an "italian" sauce but in Italy there isn't

  24. Someone please direct this to the jackass that brings kale chips

  25. Me watching this while fasting 🙁🙁🙁

  26. How much cheese do you want in this video?
    Tasty: all of it

  27. Do you want to kill us

  28. Do people actually make these or just watch the videos?

  29. Wow, as a vegetarian this is so dissapointing to watch.

  30. Who's watching this in Ramadan and starving

  31. 1:55 looks pretty small to me

  32. 4:32 we have a name for that its called a cob loaf

  33. Where on earth do you get crescent rolls?

  34. with this pandemic, I will be trying anything to get these kids to eat something new. damn

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