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9 Homemade Frozen Food Recipes For Busy People • Tasty

Are you always on the go? These homemade frozen food hacks will be a lifesaver for those busy nights. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here:

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34 thoughts on “9 Homemade Frozen Food Recipes For Busy People • Tasty

  1. that honey soy sauce recipe looked DRYYYYY

  2. Is there a link to these recipes?

  3. The "laziest people" won't even make these.

  4. Where is the frozen part?

  5. I don't use microwaves… now what?

  6. This video is perfect for me because I'm too busy being lazy

  7. Small youtuber here
    Please hug and watch for 3 mins
    Im hugging you back too…

  8. Just had wisdom teeth removed.

    Watched a tasty video.

    Instantly regrets it

  9. I'm Vietnamese and i'm lazy
    see the video ooh interesting
    see bacon, see frozen hash browns i don't belong here, bye.

  10. I thought we established that I’m lazy

  11. I'm not busy but this still applies to me

  12. I want a slow cooker and a microwave!

  13. Should put the raw meat in a separate bag from the veggies and clip them together. Safer.

  14. All the meals with the veggies at the end looked terrible

  15. That’s the chunkiest soup I’ve ever seen

  16. we are waiting for you, hello to all

  17. i was under the impression that this video was going to be tips on spicing up store bought frozen food.

  18. Never store raw meat with vegetables. Not food safe, Tasty.

  19. Bold of you to assume that we would make food instead of takeout

  20. Comment if your busy and like if your hungry

  21. You fucking kidding me this is me when I have time.

  22. not a meat eater, please have more vegetarian recipes!

  23. Thanks for the great videos

  24. What about using stock in those crockpot recipes? Why would you put broccoli into the slow cooker? Doesn't it come out really mushy? Smh

  25. Where does the "frozen" come into this? The 1st recipe showed how to freeze and reheat, but the roasted veggie salad? or the quinoa salad that you refrigerate? I'm confused by the title.

  26. Tasty are you drunk…half of these are not frozen?!

  27. When you have longer videos like this it would be fantastic if you could not put the music on repeat.

  28. Hate the Word "Lazy" and "Busy"?!
    But These 9 Recipes are Creative and Delicious.

  29. OMG thank you for making my life easier😍

  30. The roasted veggies one isn’t freezer food 🤔

  31. Idk if it's just me but if it's for busy people that means they literally have no time for elaborate meals like this and almost most of the foods weren't even frozen so the heck (I love tasty and everything it's just an opinion)

  32. Yeah you don't know what lazy is

  33. someone teach this person how to wrap a burrito so you don't bite into one bacon ring throughout the entire thing. 😑

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