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8 Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Cheat Foods

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21 thoughts on “8 Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Cheat Foods

  1. all of the ingredients are super high calorie though, whats the point.

  2. Did anyone see those cinnamon buns looking dry as the desert? Like bruv wtf why do they look so gods dam dry


  4. Might do these when I actually start my diet

  5. Shut up and take my fitness

  6. That burger looks unreal tho

  7. search up "Terry Crews Cheat day" ._.

  8. That's..that's what my dinner looks like. Am I doing something wrong

  9. My cheat day is every day. I am very unhealthy.

  10. What the sauce got in it

  11. Watching this before bed is not a good idea 🙂

  12. Why do I watch this 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  13. These are healthy and all that…but I need my cheat meals to be as unhealthy as can be…then, deep fry it in bacon grease.

  14. Cauliflower. The vegetable of L I E S.

  15. Do y’all call this healthy ?

  16. I'm allergic to asparagus

  17. How many calories

  18. Hold on, are these Katie's hands?

  19. Me : sees the word froyo

    Also me : is that even a thing anymore

  20. 3:08 a.k.a. the German Cheesecake

  21. I honestly don’t understand why tasty gets hate…the day you can make such good quality videos and make your food look delicious and get more famous than them then come and judge them

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