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8 Dorm-Friendly Recipes For Your Comfort Food Cravings • Tasty

8 easy recipes for when you’re far from home and craving some home comforts! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here:

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27 thoughts on “8 Dorm-Friendly Recipes For Your Comfort Food Cravings • Tasty

  1. Idk about other students but my hostel does not have a microwave.

  2. Guys maybe they were busy and didn't have time to make more food.. either way u you guys are getting recipes right isn't that why you came .. so chill out

  3. Real dorm friendly comfort food: make ramen noodles, mix with butter and cheese, let sit until the cheese has melted, add ketchup if you like

  4. Bruhhh u use the same vids and mix it together and boom a new title

  5. I swear Tasty you better stop reposting videos or else you’ll gain a hell lotta hate. Just make a fresh new video! I know cooking recipes won’t just pop into your mind but we won’t care you’re not posting daily!

  6. I tried the pasta one from the microwave video and sadly it did not turn out that well. The pasta would not cook as prescribed.

  7. Sorry Tasty, but everytime I see the flour tortillas you use I'm like 😝😩😷!! As a Mex-American we make 2 types of tortillas: corn and flour. Depending on the dish, both are delicious when made fresh. Wonder why there isn't a recipe about them, you all have so many great easy recipes. The already-made ones in a bag have a smell and taste to it that is 😢-yuck, not natural/normal. I made the homemade pizza recipe (AWESOME!!) and the flour tortillas are MUCH faster to make. The corn tortillas are even more quick to make; all you need is warm water and Maseca corn flour! Yup, that's it. Optional a pinch of salt. I know some people would enjoy knowing how to make them instead of buying them. I would very much love it if they knew. Also the guacamole recipe doesn't use that much lemon juice, it's too acidic and takes away the natural flavors of the avocado, tomato and cilantro. Same goes with the pico de gallo, it's more veggies and less lime juice, just a teaspoon is more than enough. Unless you like it that way. Oh, and also salt to taste. Forgot that; salt and cilantro. On both PDG and guac!!

  8. Great video these recipes looked so good and amazing

  9. this is turning into 5-minute-crafts

  10. who the f keeps a rotisserie chicken in their dorm????? Like that person is much more prepared for college then I am.

  11. Hey guys so here's a reminder to always put water when microwaving pasta! Me being drunk at 3am decided not to and started a fire 🙂 Literally just threw the flaming macaroni in the sink and put water over it. Night 🙂

  12. I drooled literally 🙂

  13. I'm still waiting for the "dorm-friendly" stuff…

  14. Bold of you to assume we have a microwave at the dorms…

  15. What college student is gonna have all these ingredients

  16. Who's not even in college

  17. Recycling recipes.

    Well, recycling is good for the enviroment but this…

  18. Hi!, your video is amazing
    that looks great.
    Lve it!

  19. Sad, that this channel has so many subs. Many receipts often turn out really bad (when you try to make them yourself) and they use same ones over and over again…

  20. Y’all got food in ya dorms?

  21. These are old videos..

  22. Who the fuxk has rotisserie chicken in their dorm

  23. When you have no more ideas and have to post a video:

    Just re-post the same video with a different name! So easy!

    I’m kidding don’t do what they did.

  24. Same recipes new titles?

  25. We need some healthy recipes that you can make in a microwave!

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