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7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes

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44 thoughts on “7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes

  1. yeammy recepi thanks for shareing with me pls vijit my home

  2. is there anything else other than a load of cheese? thanks

  3. Is the mac and cheese one legit guys?

  4. I'd probably just eat the ingredients
    i just eat bread with something

  5. me: I’m so hungry, I don’t know what to eat.. oh I know, I will search some easy and quick recipes on YouTube!

    *searches and press this video*

    the video: eAsY rEcipEs wiTh a DiNoSauR bOnE anD aLieN bLooD

  6. who the hell microwaves tortilas

  7. My mom is sick so I thought I would surprise her with a nice meal!

  8. I was really hungry didn't have any thing to eat at home but then I saw this.

  9. Me planning on making my friend a meal tomorrow while being home alone:

  10. When I see this 7 recipe you can make in 5 minute,so happy.

  11. I wish to make something for my mom,so I go look on You Yube ……..but too difficult.

  12. The cheese macaroni was good I had made it

  13. Music in the background sucks

  14. me: OMG looks so good! I have ALL the ingredients! ok… WAIT NOOOO I don't have a microwave!
    (long story of why I don't ave microwave don't ask pls) 🙂

  15. How did you make elbow pasta cook in 3 minutes in A MICROWAVE thats impossible

  16. It would've took me like 30 mins to figure out the ingredients😂

  17. College students: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

  18. The only thing i hate in this video is one of it does not even show ingridients.

  19. If only I had a microwave.

  20. I guess I'll just make ramen noodles

  21. So you think my house have the ingredients

  22. i just wouldn't do all these in a microwave, who has nandos chicken anyway and home too!

  23. These all recipes are from 5 minute craft. You totally copied it. Cheeter!!!!!! 😡😡😡😠😠

  24. the Mac and cheese one was smart
    but I don’t have any cheese
    and I don’t even like cheese
    basically, I have little to no ingredients

  25. I will 1 of these when we are goonago to the beach

  26. i can make these but not ingrdients 🙁

  27. The 1st one is so yummy wow! Thanks!

  28. Who is watching this at 1 am because he's hungry and want to make food for his stomach

  29. I was fooled how can they do so in just 5 min without oven

  30. Is there any other way to make the mac and cheese without the microwave?

  31. Does the water for the macaroni and cheese have to be cold or warm?

  32. me trying to search up some recipes I can make with ingredients I actually have.
    Youtube: Easy recipes to make at home you'll need some caviar and truffles to make this cheap easy 5 minute recipe…

  33. A tip for the first one I tried it and you actually need to put the pasta in the microwave for five minutes because I tried what happened in the video and it didn’t work out it was still raw

  34. Who else here has the munchies

  35. Who doesn't have any of those ingredients and a microwave?

  36. The music is annoying 🤯

  37. Me:hungry
    YouTube:try these
    My bowls, plates, microwave etc.-don’t you dare come near us

  38. Don't try the macaroni one. Mine came out raw even when i put it double the amount you're supposed too. If yours doesn't come out raw it is because its covered in cheese.

  39. Am I the only one who doesn't have all the ingredients😔😔

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