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6 Tasty Giant Foods

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22 thoughts on “6 Tasty Giant Foods

  1. Me when I saw the crepe: I lemme make this
    Tasty: repeat 99 times

  2. Tasty: walks to a dairy farm
    Forrest the crepe cow: 0_0
    Goat: rUn FoRrEsT rUn
    Forrest: I aM sPeEd 🐄

  3. You probably just refreshed your page and suddenly saw this video again and can’t help it but to click it?!!

  4. 6:26 That bread is too much for me 😅

  5. u ruined it with the honey bbq 🤮

  6. Don’t you just love how the include measurements

  7. ok who watches these without actually making them just to make urself suffer

  8. 3:34 I respect food but that looked like 💩 at first glance

  9. Why the honey with the BBQ sauce tho 😭

  10. Hi i need some subscribers for my YouTube channel it is sunny and grandpa

  11. A question:
    How many eggs do u think we have in house for that gigant crepe cake?!😂😂

  12. More like 6 tasty ways to gain 10 pounds

  13. Well. Now I’m hungry. Thank you

  14. That’s the ribwich

  15. Me:*goes to grocery store and asks* hey you got any bread of choice
    Some dude that works there: What?
    Me: …. Bruh
    The guy who works there: 0.0 ahhhhh that
    Me: yeah you have it?
    The manager:*walks in and yeets me out of the store* I’m sorry but we don’t have that BYE

  16. At 11:30 you will se a producer along wow

  17. And that’s how you get 🤰

  18. Hey! You forgot about giant burger!

  19. No-one is going to talk about the weird music

  20. If you could have any of your favorite food then GIANT, What would it be?💫💫💫💫. Comment in my replies💬💥💥

  21. They're copying hellthy junk food

  22. This vid should be named “6 ways to BECOME giant”

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