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6 Giant Food Recipes • Tasty

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33 thoughts on “6 Giant Food Recipes • Tasty

  1. The music made me feel like I was on a quiz show

  2. Me when I make even one of those:

    Yep,that’s all the food fo the party

  3. you won't do that and you know it

  4. baby back ribs

  5. Cakes are the giant version of a cupcake.

  6. nobody:

    absolutely nobody:

    at the end of tasty: oooooh YES :v

  7. The song is Give up the funk?

  8. admit it we could all eat any one of these recipes in 2 minutes

  9. 1:33– Giant Cinnamon Roll
    3:00– Giant BBQ RIB sandwich
    4:21– Ice Cream Sandwich
    5:33– Giant Spaghetti-stuffed MEATBALL
    6:30– GIANT Peanut Buttercup CUP
    7:30– GIANT Molten Chocolate CAKE

  10. Vegan decrestion advised

  11. the video cuts off just as the molten cake spills all over the table.

  12. Tasty: * Makes giant meatball *

    PewDiePie: Are you challenging me?

  13. Who here is watching from 2020

  14. The dark chocolate is so rich

  15. Me knowing that I don’t have the ingredients.MY face🤤🤤

  16. Is it just me but who else just watches these but never makes them

  17. Me while making these foods 🤤🤤🤤

  18. There's a restaurant in my town that serves giant cinnamon rolls and if you go there on your birthday you get one for free

  19. I don’t know why but I am watching this at 3:30 am to get hungry

  20. Remember when they were part of team 10

  21. Omg the giant cinnamon roll was everything 😭😩🤤

  22. This is the stuff I watch when it’s Ramadan

  23. Leave a like if you are in your room, starving and just watching this because you’re starving!

  24. Leave a like if you are in your room, starving and just watching this because you’re starving!

  25. Why I always watch films with food when i am hungry 😭

  26. Who made it first, Yummy Or Hellthyjunkfood?

  27. 4:59 If he was real Papyrus would love whoever made this

  28. Btw New Zealand is quite expensive and baby back ribs are about 40 dollars a kilo. How do i get around this

  29. Tasty: 6 Giant foods
    Me: so… 6 ways to get diabetes….

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