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6 Delicious Foods To Share With Friends

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36 thoughts on “6 Delicious Foods To Share With Friends

  1. I will share it only with my stomach

  2. The burger ring is really cool!

  3. The title is supposed to be “6 foods too good to share with your friends”

  4. This Music Reminds Me Of BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB And BFB

  5. What is this music-

  6. but i have no friends

  7. Share with friends?
    No thanks lol

  8. when they only put cornstarch on the chicken, i wanted to cry💀💀💀

  9. i have no friends so i made them and ate it myself

  10. Friends with me myself and I

  11. Me before watching this video :
    Chefs sucks
    Me after watching this video :
    Ok, I will be a chef 😐

  12. Do you mean sharing on internet or sharing it on plate

  13. U don't post anything like this
    U know how difficult it's for people who are on diet 😂😂😂😂

  14. plz one video on cheese grilled sandwiches

  15. Backpacks, Backpacks, Come get your backbacks

  16. Food:plz don’t eat ME
    ME:shut up I will eat you
    Mom:come and your do your homework

  17. Share? Nah I just eat myself

  18. The music is fine to me because my dad is playing loud music lol

  19. this music makes my ears hurt

  20. What if i don't have a friends

  21. why am i watching during qurantine

  22. Instructions not clear:took a baby's ribs

  23. Delecious food is never shared

  24. Terrible music choice

  25. this is way too satisfying😂😂

  26. I don't have friends so I won't share

  27. I like torturing myself at night.

  28. Am i the only one enjoying the music 😂🙌

  29. me in my head "good thing i dont have friends"

  30. i know i shouldnt watch these while quarantine ahh im gonaa cry

  31. ya'll see how them hands to turned black when it came to cooking chicken right? alright then

  32. Stuff this I'm eating them all …….by myself……

  33. Ahem… Srry bt I don't eat pork

  34. What is with the bar mitzvah music in the background

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