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5 Fast Food Recipes You Can Make At Home • Tasty

5 fast food recipes you can make at home for the same taste without the hassle of leaving your house!

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41 thoughts on “5 Fast Food Recipes You Can Make At Home • Tasty

  1. Soon I will make beautiful content

  2. That looks good botch

  3. One Biz Opp .c0m is an unbelievable hub that will enforce you to obtain 35 bucks for every hour From your Macintosh or PC. they're so Gregarious .

  4. Imagine calling pizza fast food when you have to let the dough rest for 1 fcking hour xddd

  5. If you want to gain a $500 McDonald's Gift cards you gotta see freeBURGER .me . (eliminate spaces), they're just Super.

  6. Why do you waste so much food for each video ?
    Remember that half of the world is dying out of hunger.

  7. Who else is fasting but still watching?

  8. How does a Buffalo sauce taste like

  9. is it just me or the sauce being on the top triggering

  10. That’s the shittest crust I’ve ever seen

    But good video I guess

  11. Tasty is like the five minute crafts of food

  12. Why would I make a healthier version when I could just get the real thing but without some things

  13. Beer 🤣🤣 no no no

  14. I'm just watching this video knowing I won't be making it

  15. We get it you’re never going to make them

  16. You call that deep dish?

  17. The garlic bread is made from Alvin in his steak video where he showed to make steak in 5 min 50mins and 5 hours

  18. Who has these amount of cheese in his home?

  19. there food look so good i just want to eat all of it.

  20. as a person who eats a lot of fast food because depression time, i was expecting to recognize at least one of these and boy did i sure not

  21. I’m really hungry right now so idek why I’m watching this. (Thinks in head) * am I stupid?* wait… YES I’m am stupid

  22. Title correction: 5 fast food recipes I betcha cant make at home

  23. When making fried chicken.

    S E A S O N T H E C H I C K E N, N O T T H E F L O U R

  24. 2:51
    What my eyes see: Cumin

    What my brain sees: CUM IN

  25. Idk why but i found your videos interesting only when i'm hungry thus making me even more hungry thus inflicting myself more pain and giving more money to the pizza guy

  26. I like your hand 😁

  27. Desktop. ●
    |__Tasty Videos
    |__Original Videos:
    this folder is empty

  28. Who else got annoyed when the oil wasn’t touching the burger and was just around it?

  29. And I want buffalo chicken wings crispy

  30. I want to chicken wings

  31. World record for a deep dish pizza
    10,000 miles deep

    GRW and why u recycle content boo

  32. Its good to see that they actually toasted the he hamburger bun. Thank you

  33. Recycling is good for the Earth.

  34. The music got so damn annoying that I wanted to smash my speakers with a baseball bat!!

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