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5 Comfort Food Recipes To Make Your Day Better

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20 thoughts on “5 Comfort Food Recipes To Make Your Day Better

  1. That last one had me smiling perfect

  2. Im just sad in general and i dont think cheese and peanut butter will help

  3. Those are some funny potatoes…

  4. High, 2.5-3 hours? Never heard of that temp. Video, 🖕

  5. I am disappointed to report that the provided recipes, however delicious, failed to make my day better. They did not succeed in repairing my crumbling marriage, nor were they able to return to me my old confidence which Susan has deliberately eroded over the last 14 years. Good shit though, 8/10

  6. Love these videos!!!!

  7. sooo yummy!! good video

  8. i need something thats halal like if you agree

  9. Y la receta de la masa? 😓

  10. Ok so about the police thing.

    Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s the impossible to stop them even with it.

    And to the 1-2 people. That are helping me. Yeah keep doing your thing LOL.

  11. Your lucky you can cook like this! You get loads of yummy foods!!!

  12. Best Schezwan Frankie Recipe now out. 👇Watch now▶️

  13. I needed this after season 8

  14. The music tho.. 😅😆

  15. Make a video using 5 or less ingredients lol i dont have that many types of cheese loll

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