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400-Calorie Vs. 1,000-Calorie Cheesecake Slice • Tasty

This idea was heavily inspired by Joshua Weissman and Ethan Chlebowski.
Joshua Weissman: Ethan Chlebowski: Recipe adapted from Well Plated:
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20 thoughts on “400-Calorie Vs. 1,000-Calorie Cheesecake Slice • Tasty

  1. I love that Joshua is getting more people to recognize him. He’s funny, helpful, and has the best recipes. His chocolate chip cookie recipe is one of the best I’ve tasted.

  2. 4:02 jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle…won my whole heart 🤣♥️

  3. Would mixing a sugar free strawberry jam into the batter keep it from cooking right.

  4. Looks like skyrim cheese roll

  5. Lol next do a lite version of tasty recipes. Edit – really nice video tho

  6. Omg can u make a giant food again plsss I miss those vidoes

  7. how to make a lower calorie cheesecake: just make a smaller one

  8. they definitely could've lowered the calories by using zero-calorie sweetener and one egg and a few egg whites

  9. i bet 1000 calories are 2.5 times sweeter than 400 cal.

  10. Can i have the exact measurement of the low calorie cheesecake? Thanks!

  11. alvin and inga's kitchens are so similar??? wow

  12. Remember when Alvin was super buff?

  13. I love Cheesecake 😋

  14. But more calories more tasty…who all…..agree hit the like👇👇

  15. Alvin elf. Lol😂

  16. Yesterday I made cheese cake by making cream cheese at home with just 1 litre of milk, so I am assuming it would have even less calories. Yay me!

  17. Alvin's kitchen looks unbelievably similar to Inga's 👀

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