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4 Homemade Korean-Style Dinners

Full Recipes:

Here is what you’ll need!

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43 thoughts on “4 Homemade Korean-Style Dinners

  1. I'm Korean and I get depressed when there's no sesame seeds sprinkled on top of every Korean dish

  2. Damn everything looks tasty 😋…..

  3. When you want to do this but you don't go outside because of pandemic

  4. Shall I add vinegar instead of Korean vinegar?

  5. 100% of the comments: who watches these vids but never makes the recipe’s?

  6. Why does everything have sesame seeds? Is this true for most Korean dishes?

  7. Do Koreans only eat meat?

  8. I'm here just for bts💜💜

  9. Me: Ok I might actually make this one.

    Them: Now marinate your pork underbelly in something I can't even pronounce. then broil for 3 hours in hokaine souce. Puts on a plate with rice and other things

    Me: ok. now, how do you make the other stuff cus I am still confused from the first step.

  10. Never mind I will go to Korean bbq restaurant today.

  11. They look all tasty!! 👍😊

  12. Im indian teen n fond of Korean recipes though I had never tried looks so mouth watering..i alws c mukbangs asmr ..n I just love I wish I'll visit korea n try thr delicious foods 🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Deliciuos,,new friend here.

  14. where to find Korean red chili paste or what is the replacement

  15. Wondering that u can make also a filipino food hehe.

  16. Do you have to cook the sesame seeds you sprinkle on the food?

  17. soy souce with honey, garlic and ginger ?!
    gagging just thinking about it. jesus christ..

  18. How many people here are BTS fans? I know you guys click any video which contains anything Korean😊

  19. for the first dish do i have to use sesame oil? i think it has a really strong taste so i dont really like to use it

  20. I'm a Korean and these all look so good. It's pretty accurate 🙂

  21. Amazing video.

    I just started my channel too. I m gonna upload easy, delicious, healthy and cheaper cooking recipes and contents about Korean cuisine too. Encourage me by subscribing my channel plz. Thank you^^

  22. I'll watch maangchi instead

  23. conclusion:add gochu jang to anything and it becomes korean-


  25. I dont trust korean food videos that dont come from maangchi 🤷🏽‍♀️

  26. Anyone after kpop addiction??

  27. Who else is here because of K-POP!?

  28. I love your videos. I made my own korean food. So check them out my channel.

  29. I'm curious, what are you doing in all the cooked foods after taking a video? It is tons of food.

  30. My mouth when I saw this video

  31. Great recipes. I tried the first one and I'm very pleased with the results. However, the speed at which the video went, I had to pause multiple times to take note of the ingredients and it's quantity. Please slow down a bit.

  32. The way I'm now hungry is not even safe

  33. I love spicy food so much very spicy food so I would to try these stuff

  34. They also eat filipino dishes but more korean food. They also like our food bec. its delicious.

  35. Im watching this vid to learn. I will work for two koreans in manila as cook gudluck to me.

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