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11 Useful Food Hacks

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31 thoughts on “11 Useful Food Hacks

  1. Crush garlic is your personal favourite eh?

  2. The ginger peeled with a spoon really works i use it every time.

  3. Song is Portraits by George Georgia

  4. Watch but never try 😂

  5. I tried the garlic one but it didn't work

  6. My parents never trusted me about the lemons in the microwave, so I did and the lemon poured more juice than before

  7. You want me to wait a day to eat my cookie instead of just putting it in milk?

  8. That looked like mayonnaise

  9. The mango one is garbage

  10. I honestly take 15 minutes to open a hard boiled egg. Thank you.

  11. I am N O T waiting a day to eat a cookie

  12. What do you call those kind of mangoes?

  13. What the music they use called?

  14. We made shaken whipped cream in Sunday school as kids. I don't remember what the lesson was about, but I remember that It takes forever. Hahaha

  15. these are so helpful hacks, thank you tasty!

  16. 5 minute crafts is shook


  18. cool that food looks good

  19. Why it was 2:02 looked so easy to do!!
    Different here,I try to do that so many times….I failed

  20. The "oh yes" at the end of every video just sounds like some guy whose girlfriend agreed to give him head.

  21. What my great grandma does with stale and hard bread is that she makes pudding out of, its really good.

  22. what is the music pls ?


  24. If you're going to use the whipped cream hack, don't shake the jar for too long or the cream will turn to butter

  25. Just remove the leaves by hand. It’s faster.

  26. you have got to be kidding me. why should you make the stale bread softer?
    stale bread makes the best pain perdu!

  27. Como alguém pode dar dislike em vídeo de comida . Omg

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