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10 Food Recipes That Are Larger Than Life • Tasty

Larger than life food with the same great taste!

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38 thoughts on “10 Food Recipes That Are Larger Than Life • Tasty

  1. 9:50
    Me: Giant Reeses
    Tasty: GiAnT PeAnUt BuTtEr CuP

  2. Tasty: foods that are larger than live
    Diabetes: Hi

  3. 2:23 for anyone wondering the text that pops up really fast says giant veggie burger

  4. Before I saw the last one I was like "this vid is alright". As soon as I saw the last one "OH HELL NAH"

    Like how muck did that cost him to get all those ingredients

  5. No hay nadie q hable espanol:( alv vivan los q hablamos espanish :,v

  6. When twix doesn’t sponsor you:gIAnt CaRameL CaNDy BaR CakE
    When Reece’s doesn’t sponsor you:GiaNT PeAnUt ButtER CuP

  7. wheres the flavour in this? i dont taste anything? no sugar nugteg

  8. Guys can i use vanilla sugar instead of vanilla extract

  9. I’m sorry, but the first dessert is like the epitome of ‘there is such thing as too much chocolate’.

  10. 11:45 doesnt that just look wanderful

  11. 4:16 when you forget the brand

  12. Anyone else find it satisfying when they pulled the rib bones out?

  13. Hello Tasty me from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  14. How i wish they cook for me 😂

  15. The second one was just like M E A T C A K E
    “Repeat 99 times” ain’t nobody got time for that

  16. Tasty: 10 recipes larger than your life

    Me: are you kidding me

  17. love this come and look at wicketz luton

  18. This video did nothing more than just expose how much is missing from my life. And I'm probably gonna watch it again

  19. these are nothing but diabetes

  20. I watch your videos during the Coronavirus

  21. everyone: twix
    tasty: giant caramel candy bar cake
    me: 👁👄👁

  22. 5:29 that cinnamon roll can feed a family of 5!….😮

  23. 10 recipes lager than life

    Me with no life: hmmmmmmmmmm

  24. 100 Food Recipes that makes you larger than your clothing's size

  25. If you can make the last recipe you are really really really really really really patient

  26. My life is pretty smol then-

  27. Reduce, Reuse Recycle.

    Reduce the amount of original content.

    Reuse/Repost identical videos

    Recyclye recipes and put them in lots of different videos.

    Good job Tasty. You're true environmental heroes

  28. Me ordering the first one: hi, can i please have one large diabetes

  29. These recipes looks do 😋 yummy.

  30. How to get away with using the same recipes over and over

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